A brief Q&A with Buck Dharma of Blue Öyster Cult

After almost a decade, you're back with completely new material. Why the long absence from the scene?

Half the time we spent enjoying our "retirement" and the other half was spent getting back into the game after a couple false starts with different record companies.

How did the album evolve?

The oldest track on Heaven Forbid were written in the late eighties and the newest just before the record was finished.

How's the new label you're with treating you?

We're very happy with CMC and BMG so far.

How about a tour of the west coast?

OK. [The band will be playing San Francisco shortly.]

How did you get the name "Buck Dharma"?

Buck was dreamed up by the band's early mentor, Sandy Pearlman.

Do you consider yourself to be a metal band?

Blue Öyster Cult is not really a metal band, as anyone who's heard the band's music knows.

What are your musical influences, particularly with regards to the guitar?

Surf, blues, sixities pop, the heavy British players, the SF hippie bands of the late sixties, bebop horn players, Hendrix.

Do you still play the Steinberger live?


What music do you currently listen to?

Big on the Bare Naked Ladies this week...

What are your future plans?

Looks like another Blue Öyster Cult record in 1999.

Music ram-blings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || January 26, 1999