Information Superhighway Stars - Deep Purple Tribute Compilation

A second part for this compilation has been put together by Tore Grøtte. A mirror of the first part is also available on the Deep Purple web site.


Machine Head

MPEG2 and AU (mono) excerpts are in the range of 200-600 KB. Full length MPEG2 (mono) songs are approximately 0.7 MB/minute.



Thanks to Kari Ahokas and Trond Strøm for coming up with the idea, and to Dave Hodgkinson for suggesting we distribute the songs over the Internet, and especially for providing the space for the soundfiles. A lot of the information here was taken from Dave's Deep Purple home page, and a lot of stuff there was authored by Trond and I have shamelessly lifted stuff off of it. This www page was suggested by Kari. Finally, a special thanks to all the contributors who've sent in their music, and to all members of Deep Purple, past and present, who're the real inspiration for this project.


All compositions are copyrighed by the respective incarnations of Deep Purple, and all recordings are copyrighted by the artists featured here. This is totally a non-profit venture: I am not making any money out of this, and suing me won't you get any either.

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