Apocalypse 2004

Maybe it's my short attention span, but I no longer enjoy going to Seattle massives when they open and stay there until I close. Instead, I prefer to check out one or two DJs, give it all I have, and hang out with friends before and after instead. It was in that vein that I checked out the Apocalypse show at the Qwest Field West Plaza on December 31st 2004.

I was mainly looking forward to seeing BT, and he didn't disappoint with his "laptop symphony". The DJ before that (Dave Armstrong I believe) was awesome playing some class rock tunes with a great beat and set the mood for BT who simply tore the venue down. After dancing to BT (it was too short), we went to the other stage where we caught the last bit of the Kottonmouth Kings, who were also very good.

After KMK finished, the sound went off for a while which was really a downer and nothing that happened afterwards made us happy with the venue and the event, and so just left. Shame really, but we got a good two hours of dancing in, and got to herald the arriving of a new year to BT spinning. Can't ask for too much more.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || December 31, 2004