Brian Asher and Judge Jules

Every once in a while, the opening act outshines the headliner at an event. Brian Asher spinning before Judge Jules at the Last Supper Club in Seattle was one of those times. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the headliner's performance can only be described in terms of superlatives.

The moment we walked into the club, I couldn't bring myself to sit down. The music was extremely danceable and I took full advantage of the fact that there weren't many people during Brian Asher's set. This was the best time to be on the dance floor and move to the music freely. By the time Asher finished, the crowd was in a frenzy; Jules took over and bumped up the energy level a notch higher.

I was introduced to Judge Jules' music only recently, and I can't say I like everything he has put out, but I do enjoy his trance mixes a great deal. Jules had the advantage of starting his set at a peak point in terms of the energy of the crowd, and he didn't disappoint. The first hour of his set contained progressive music that was particularly top-notch, and he mixed in different kinds of novel tracks throughout.

I've argued before that DJs spinning electronic music aren't like traditional concerts, where the focus is on the performer instead of the audience. In other words, the success of an electronic music show, depends on the mood of the audience which is greatly influenced by what the DJs play. So the DJs can be thought of as "mood-creators". In this particular event, both DJs created an awesome and memorable atmosphere, resulting in a great audience, which ultimately translates to a lot of fun.

This was my first time at the Last Supper Club. The venue is quite good but too small for a performer who will attract a large crowd. As a result, it was quite packed and made it hard to move around and dance freely. However, it did make for a cozy setting and the Halloween decorations and the people in costumes really made this show more psychedelic than most. The crowd was very friendly as were were the bartenders; the Last Supper Club has a dress code, and normally I refuse to go into a place that has a dress code. In fact, I have nothing but utter contempt for them --- my philosophy is that it is inane to pay money to someone to tell you how to dress)

I highly recommend checking out both the DJs the next time you have the opportunity to do so, but do not recommend going to the Last Supper Club. The biggest complaint I have about this show is that it ended way too early!

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || October 26, 2002