Bumbershoot 2003

This time at Bumbershoot, I mostly stuck to the Skychurch given my fondness for anonymous electronic music (anonymous because most people don't know who the original creators of the song are).

Contradicting myself for a minute, the DJs I witnessed included the Disco Brothers on the first night, Eva on the second, and Donald Glaude on the last (fourth) night. All of them put on fine performances. One of the Disco Brothers started off the first night with a great set, playing after DJ Riz was pretty good, though it wasn't her best set. Donald Glaude worked up a crowd a lot in a rock-star style (something I don't think much of, since as I've said, it's all about the music), but his track selections as well as his mixing and scratching were impeccable.

The security at Skychurch was pretty strict but perhaps that's understandable given the presence of very young people out there. People who were stumbling a little bit were thrown out. In addition, there was a stupid rule on the last night about not letting people back in during the last 45 minutes.

Besides the DJ acts, I really was impressed by the Space Harp created by MASS Ensemble who played some amazing pieces with the Harp serving as a bass to a violin, and a trapeze artist moving fluidly to the music.

Overall, Bumbershoot this time was a lot of fun, thanks to the great weather. The crowds turned up in record numbers and it was a lot of fun overall.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || August 29-30, September 1, 2003