Dig Dug, Bill Hamel, and BT

I had the opportunity to witness three DJs, who by all accounts are in their prime, at setting with a great atmosphere.

Dig Dug who has never disappointed, was on first, and he played a top-notch set of selections that combined mainstream "pop" tracks with some cool breakbeats. By the time he finished, the crowd was in a frenzy and it was really getting tight (in terms of space) on the dance floor.

Bill Hamel came on next and he picked up right where Dig Dug left off, playing a long set that cut into BT's time.

After a seamless switchover, BT played one of the best mixes that I've heard, on the level of Sasha and Digweed's performance at Chad's Warehouse. It was pure progressive trance music played to a great smiling crowd which made it fun. BT's mixes included Police's King of Pain and I recognised at least one Euphoria track. The mood was as close to perfect as it could be for a dance party. Even though everyone was packed like sardines, the crowd was well-behaved (I apologise for stepping on people's toes, but I given the number of times my toes were stepped on, I figure it's just karma).

The venue was Noiselab, a new place for DJ acts in Seattle. The structure of the venue is such that people can relax in the back lounge areas (and still be exposed to the music) while people who are energetic can move around in the front. The bartenders and the door people are very nice, and they treat you with a lot of courtesy, something I don't see in most clubs. The layout, lights, and setup at Noiselab makes it one of the better venues in Seattle, and definitely worth checking out.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || March 15, 2003