Eva and Josh Wink

It's rare for me to dance for three hours straight without taking a break, particularly in a club (Noiselab) that has poor air circulation. And no, I wasn't on anything except the music.

Eva started the night (for us at least) with a great set of tunes that provided the right booty-shaking atmosphere. This is the nth time I've been around when she has been spinning and I'm always amazed at her consistency. She never disappoints.

Josh Wink followed next with a fairly mixed set, including some breaks in the middle where people showed off some amazing moves on the floor. He went back to regular trance/techno/progressive and after 3a, Eva took over again for him.

At the club, there were people handing out Zippo lighters if you took a survey about smoking (talk about peddling drugs). My friend Mike woke up the next morning with seven in his pocket.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || June 21, 2003