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The thing I hate most about the music on this album is the triggering of the drum samples when they play live. Other than that, I think this would make a fine Metal album. The distinctive thing about the music of this album is that it is fairly danceable. The other distinctive thing is that Burton Bell's vocals alternate between a Death Metal-like growl to a harmonious sound. This mixed with the Industrial noises and the crunching guitar riffs is really good for those with a short attention span. While I don't like Bell's growls, I do like his "normal" singing voice quite a bit. In a time when the word Industrial is becoming synonymous with repetition, and where "Industrial" bands go through an album's music with the same tempo and sound, Fear Factory show an amazing diversity in their music. I should note that I didn't like this album at all at first, but it has grown on me, particularly after seeing them live. The copy I got comes in this cool fold-out CD pack.

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