Cameo, Mike Balance, Joey Mazzola, DJ Scene, Donald Glaude, and Flave

Thursday night at the Last Supper Club is currently one of the best club nights in Seattle (for any day)! The Open House night promoted by Jordan, Hyperfunk and Flave has really taken off. The lack of dress code has added to the great vibe created by the cool and hardcore party people who show up there (and eventually stumble home from the Mantra Lounge around 5am, this time after seeing Flave). I don't review most of the nights I go, but this particular one was interesting since as I was checking out Cameo, Mike Balance, and Joey Mazzola, I also was spending time at Trinity (which is the revamped Bohemian) listening to DJ Scene and Donald Glaude. I finally ended the night at Mantra listening to Glaude spin a little more mainstream set where Flave was also present.

In terms of music, one couldn't go wrong on this night. Glaude and Flave are Seattle (and International) icons and of course they didn't disappoint. It was great to hear Balance and Mazzola spin for the first time. It was also the first time for me to hear Cameo who apparently has been spinning for only a few months but his skills as a musician are immediately apparent when listening to him.

In terms of what to do on a Thursday, the big thing is that the Last Supper Club night doesn't have a cover. Even though Trinity is a much bigger club and the remodel has transformed the Bohemian into an Asian-style club (i.e., where clubs are built from the ground up as opposed to reusing an existing room), it is a different and more mainstream crowd. So take a pick depending on your tastes, and you can't go wrong either way!

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || May 12, 2005