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The pioneers of more than one genre of music, this group is at its vintage best in this album which is really dominated by its title track. The best thing about these guys is that it's done in crisp-sounding German (or English, when they do speak it). Contrast that to the strongly synthesiser-backed melody; it sounds as though tradition and technology are clashing and that's exactly what industrial music is all about.

Electric Cafe

The name Boing Boom Tschak might sound a bit insipid, but it really is left to the listener to figure out whether Kraftwerk is being serious and stupid, or serious and deep, or parodying all of pop. The lyrics go: "Music non-stop / Techno pop". You judge.

The Mix

Hailed as the pioneers of industrial music, this album contains some of their best music, featuring tracks such as Computer Love, Autobahn, and We are the Robots. Very cool stuff that would augur well for all sorts of music lovers.

"Another lonely night, stare at the TV screen.
 I don't know what to do. I need a rendezvous.
 Computer love..."
                     ---Kraftwerk, Computer Love

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