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No Quarter

Yet another blast from the past. But this time John Bonham is dead and John Paul Jones has simply been ignored for this Page and Plant reunion. They might say "it isn't Led Zeppelin", but then they should do totally new material. City Don't Cry is my favourite among all the new tunes. I also like the remade versions of the Battle of Evermore (even though it is Najma Akhtar who is doing the high parts), Gallows Pole, and Kashmir. For this album, they have an Egyptian ensemble and the London Metropolitan Orchestra (who intermix best in Four Sticks) that totally changes the sound of the old Zeppelin classics we're familiar with. The changes are extremely innovative and fresh-sounding and show that Page and Plant have made tremendous musical advances. This album is worth checking out to see exactly how, even if it doesn't include Stairway to Heaven.

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