Grab a can of Pork Soda with the Melvins

This review isn't the best I've written; you have been warned.

Primus were awesome at the Ritchie Coliseum, in College Park, MD. They were everything I expected and more. They played for about 2 hours, and came back for three encores. Their set was exceptionally tight, even though it contained a lot of improvisation in relation to their studio albums. Most of the stuff they played was from Pork Soda and Sailing the Seas of Cheese, with a couple of tunes from Frizzle Fry.

This is the first time I was seeing Primus live (previously I was living in Delaware, OH, which is in the middle of nowhere), even though I've been a Primus fan since late 1990. The spirit of the group and the crowd were very exhilarating and the pit was intense.

The opening band, The Melvins, playing noisy grunge, sucked in comparison to the show Primus put on. Not that I dislike that kind of music, but it just didn't work for me. Primus definitely ruled the night!

Music ram-blings || The Cheesy Primus Page || Ram Samudrala || || November 1, 1993