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Royal Hunt is an incredible progressive rock band, whose melodies and harmonies resemble British Heavy Metal. The expansive keyboard work combined with the progressive guitars and drums provide a solid background to the vocal work by D.C. Cooper. The nice thing about Royal Hunt is that they don't seem afraid to use keyboards extensively. Every song is beautifully crafted, and while I think the lyrics could've been better, they don't detract from the music. The lyrics weave a concept which is well-supported by the music, and epitomise the title of this album. This is one of those albums that moves you extremely and it's simply a pleasure to listen to. If you are into bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, and Angra, I highly recommend checking out this release.

Moving Target

The music on Royal Hunt's latest release Moving Target really soars! The keyboard work (courtesy of Andre Andersen), which was so prevalent in their previous release Paradox, is omnipresent here. The mix is also excellent, particularly the guitars (Jacob Kiaer) and vocals (D.C. Cooper) merging very well with the keyboards. The album shows Royal Hunt moving from a British Heavy Metal style to a harder and progressive style, à la older Queensryche and other early thrash pioneers. The progressive feel is a result of the heavy use of keyboards, but the guitars are what give the songs the crunch. The long passages without vocals are a sheer delight to listen to. A highly commendable follow-up to their previous release.

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