DJ Taj and Seb Fontaine

My first Spundae event was at the Sno-Drift in San Francisco. I had just returned to my old haunts from Seattle and this was just the thing I needed to get my week started.

DJ Taj was one of the opening DJs and he was very good. The music was quite varied and included hard and progressive house and trance, as well as some breakbeats and funky house.

Seb Fontaine's presence was to mark the release of his new album, Horizons. His set was pretty good too, as his choice of music, but not as good as some of his best CDs (like the Prototype series). His music also was widely varied. In other words, the music lacked the progressive trance found in his other works and was more geared towards progressive house (which seems to be what the Horizons album focuses on). There was some trippy stuff here, reminiscent of the kind of things Tony Poppa has done.

I don't really care what kind of music gets played, but I do think the DJ has to keep a fairly consistent mood, which I don't think necessarily happened as much with Seb Fontaine as it did with Taj.

This was my first time at the Sno-Drift, and it's a pretty decent venue. I definitely recommend checking out either DJ if you get a chance!

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