United States of Consciousness 7

This was my second United State of Consciousness (USC) event, the previous one being the Unite Festival after I just had just moved to Seattle. While I thought the music here was really good, I felt there was less diversity and less of a crowd.

The sets were all grand. In particular, the trance and the breaks was really good. The music was really atmospheric and moving. Keeping in line with my views that electronic music isn't about one single individual, be it the creator or the DJ, I wasn't paying too much attention to who was playing what but that it all sounded terrific.

Other non-musical attractions included a inflated rocket maze, BMX bikes, motocross, and an optical illusion room. The I love Shiva lounge was not very populated, but still a good place to relax.

The USC annual events are one of the defining "massives" in the Seattle area. While there are a lot of advantages (terrific music) and disadvantage (too much terrific music, if there's such a thing), it is definitely worth checking out.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || June 7, 2003