No violence

I saw Vixens of Vinyl, R.A.W., and Digital Underground at the Aristocrat's. The club is divided into two floors, and usually the jungle stuff gets played upstairs and the more techno/trance/hip-hop stuff ends up being played downstairs (at least this is what has happened the times I was there).

The Vixens were really good, as were the jungle acts upstairs. The generated a high level of energy and there was a great vibe. Then Digital Underground came on.

Digital Underground could've taken advantage of the cool atmosphere, but they, and their fans, blew it. They simply sucked and didn't seem to have any clue at all that they were being a huge wet blanket. Even their MTV hit, Humpty Dance, didn't do much to revive things.

The show was set to go till 5a, with DJs like Wheelz and Pablo to come on later, but a scuffle erupted around 5a and everyone was kicked out. While I am not privy to the reasoning that occurred by the manager(s), I think this was a lame choice and the club closing capped what should've been a great night. If anything, they should've just kicked Digital Underground out, and let the remaining DJs play!

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || September 20, 2002