Wayne's World II

Every Friday, a group of us at the Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology go to the movies (or used to). Some weeks, the crowd is thin because the choice of movie scares people off. This week, John (my mentor) and I were the only ones to go see Wayne's World II since the others had all chickened out. It was excellent! The movies that were parodied included The Doors, Jurassic Park, The Graduate, and Thelma and Louise, with stereotypical scenes you normally see in martial arts movies. They had some cool songs (though none with the youthful exuberance of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody), including YMCA, the Lemonheads' version of Mrs. Robinson, some Aerosmith stuff (talk about commercial), Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, and The Ventures' Wipe Out. It's definitely worth getting the soundtrack.

I don't consider myself, by an means, a part of "American" culture (or any culture for that matter), but I enjoyed this tremendously. This movie was very American, and it went over a lot of people's heads. I don't think most got the reference to The Graduate, some of the songs (Mrs. Robinson, Wipe Out, ...), Sammy Davis Jr., and so on. It was mostly a teenage crowd and it was pretty quiet, which is not a reflection of the movie because I found it hilarious.

It was sexist as well. Not that that is bad, because I think a lot of it was in fun. I liked the reference to Unix here more than I liked it in Jurassic Park. Definitely see it if you haven't!

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