Dancing in San Francisco

Even though I had lived in the Bay Area for four years, I had never been to Ruby Skye, dismissing it as a mainstream club. That it definitely is, but when I visited to give two talks (one at UCSF and one at the LabAutomation 2005 conference), I went there both days of the weekend!

On Saturday night, there was a Mardi Gras party. The DJs were Colette and Kaskade, and they were both pretty good, but the vibe was what was great about Ruby Skye on both nights. The bartenders were extremely cool. I met several interesting people whose names I don't remember but they were all very nice.

After Ruby Syke on Saturday evening, I went to 1015 Folsom for more dancing finally ended up at The Endup which is an amazing place worthy of its reputation. As they say, it gives a whole new meaning to the word "party". All three clubs are worth checking out during a weekend in San Francisco.

Pseudointellectual ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || February 2-6, 2005