Blue Man Group Live at Luxor

Part performance art, part slapstick comedy, the Blue Man Group Live at Luxor show works at different levels pleasing audiences of all ages.

The psychedelic show features several short episodes or "vignettes", where the anonymous Blue Men engage in crazy "out of this world" antics, sometimes with the audience participating. One of them involves a Blue Man catching balls of some malleable substance in his mouth until it is completely full, and then regurgitating all of it out into a statue. Another simply involves the use of a clapper-operated light to create mayhem as the audience releases that their clapping has as much influence as the Blue Men's.

The episodes are complemented with some amazing music from the backup band. But some of the performance pieces themselves are purely about the music, where the Blue Men use pipes and other objects to make music (much like Stomp), and getting the audience to sing along with them to different screens of lyrics of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. This was the highlight of the show for me.

There's an audience participation event where I ended up wrapping myself as a mummy (with glasses). The audience were initially handed crepe strips resembling toilet paper and asked to use it creatively. I wrapped myself up as a mummy. The "finale", as it were, of the show involves wrapping the entire audience with reams of this "toilet paper". This would work better if no drinks were allowed.

The Blue Man Group Live at Luxor is one of the best shows in Las Vegas. I highly recommend checking it out.

Play ram-blings || Ram Samudrala || || December 31, 2002