Tgro, Jason Samuelson, and Sammy

One of the nice things about the new Noiselab venue in Seattle is that the choice of DJs is well-planned so that from the beginning to the end, the mood to enjoy soaring music is firmly in place. This provides a great backdrop to anything else you might want to do the club, including drinking and dancing.

Last week, I had seen DJs Dig Dug, Bill Hamel, and BT at this venue. The second week (on my birthnight), I saw DJs Tgro, Sammy, and Jason Samuelson.

This was mostly high-energy trance music that put the Oakenfold show I saw last year to shame. All the DJs knew exactly the right tracks to pick and play, and there was a consistent mood set throughout the three performances.

Once again, the venue was crowded but it was well-behaved. I happen to think that the attitude of the door people, who seem to be there to make your experience a positive one, is the best customer service one can get and I am deeply appreciative of it. It gives one the freedom to enjoy the music without worrying about lame social issues, a similar experience to the one at Burning Man.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || March 22, 2003