Travelling and adventuring

I've been all over the world and done some pretty whacked-out stuff. But I'm going to focus on places I've been to and some of the cooler things I've done since I started my web server (mid-1993). In the US, I've lived in Ohio, Maryland, California, Washington and am currently living in New York. Among all the states I've been to in the US, I like California, Washington, and New York the best (not necessarily in that order). I've listed here a list of geographical areas that I've been to (inside and outside the US) with some pointers to what is cool to see and do in those areas. In the case of the some of the areas that I've lived in (or near), the final link is a pointer to the more detail for that area. Otherwise, every other item in this list represents some place or event to check out. Some items include links to other detailed reviews I've written (multiple visits with writeups are indicated by asterixes (*)).

Adventures/trips/visits with writeups and/or cool pictures include:

Alabama, USA

Arkansas, USA

Arizona, USA

Belgium, Europe

British Columbia, Canada

California, USA

Cambodia, Asia

Chile, South America

China, Asia

Colorado, USA

District of Columbia, USA

Dominican Republic, North America

Florida, USA

France, Europe

Georgia, USA

Hawai'i, USA

Holland, Europe

Illinois, USA

India, Asia

Indiana, USA

Italy, Europe

Jamaica, North America

Kentucky, USA

Louisiana, USA

Maine, USA

Maryland, USA

Massachusetts, USA

Nepal, Asia

Nevada, USA

New Jersey, USA

New Mexico, USA

New York, USA

North Carolina, USA

Ohio, USA

Oklahoma, USA

Ontario, Canada

Oregon, USA

Pennsylvania, USA

South Dakota, USA

South Carolina, USA

Tennessee, USA

Texas, USA

Thailand, Asia

Tibet, Asia

Turkey, Europe

Utah, USA

Virginia, USA

West Virginia, USA

Washington, USA

Wyoming, USA

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